Cheney brings up Iraq WMD lie, again, and the media says nothing

Maybe when CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN take a break from genuflecting before their God, Lord Cheney, they might parse his words a bit – oh hell, don’t even parse, just read. Especially where Cheney suggested, yet again, that Saddam was building WMD and was supporting terrorists up until the US invasion. (Hint: He wasn’t.) Said Cheney to CNN’s John King on Sunday:

“There is no prospect” that Iraq will return to producing weapons of mass destruction or supporting terrorists, Cheney asserted, “as long as it’s a democratically governed country, as long as they have got the security forces they do now and a relationship with the United States.”

Well, yes, there is no prospect because there was no prospect before the invasion either. Iraq wasn’t building WMD, and Saddam wasn’t supporting Al Qaeda. Why did King let Cheney get away with this? Why did AP? It’s not like it was some curveball that Cheney’s never used before. He always lies about Saddam’s supposed WMD and supposed ties to Al Qaeda (Prague anyone?) Why wasn’t King prepared to challenge Cheney on this, and why didn’t AP put anything in their story pointing out that this quote was untrue?

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