CBS, ABC and MSNBC are very upset that Robert Gibbs criticized their friend Dick Cheney

You see, CBS, ABC and MSNBC would have you believe that Obama promised to be a patsy if elected president. They think that Obama’s promise for “change” meant Democrats won’t fight back when they’re viciously attacked by Republicans. Funny, but Democrats acting as patsies and push-overs isn’t change, it’s the status quo we’ve had to deal with for eight years, and then some.

In a nutshell, Dick Cheney said recently that President Obama has now made it more likely that we’ll be hit by Al Qaeda. That’s pretty much an accusation of treason. Now this is nothing new from Cheney, he’s made a career out of gutter politics, while running the country into the gutter. And CBS, ABC and MSNBC, along with John King at CNN, have made a career out of coddling and defending Bush and Cheney, and Republicans more generally, so when White House spokesman Robert Gibbs had the tenacity to respond to an accusation of treason, well, you can imagine how that got the networks’ knickers in a twist.


What’s really going on here is the media is up to its old tricks (and I use the word with all of its meanings). They’re parroting GOP talking points as though they’re fact, just as they did in the lead up to the war. The Republicans have come up with a cute Catch-22, one they borrowed from the McCain campaign – they viciously attack Obama, then when Obama responds they accuse him of violating his promise to change the tone in Washington. And of course, if Obama didn’t attack, then they’d accuse him of being a typical Democrat, a 98 pound sissy who never fights back when sand is kicked in his face. (

It’s funny, really. The media thinks that now that Bush and Cheney are gone, the press can finally do their job and hold the White House accountable like they’re supposed to. Except they’re doing the exact same thing they did before. Giving the Republicans a pass, while attacking Democrats with GOP talking points. Talk about the tone not changing.

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