Catholic hypocrisy on display: Republican Judges who order death are never challenged; Democrats who are pro-choice are attacked.

Meet Texas Judge Sharon Keller:

Judge Keller, 55, has always kept her own counsel; her colleagues at the court have given her the nickname Mother Superior because of her reserved and diligent demeanor and her devout Roman Catholic faith.

So, how does a devout Roman Catholic judge in Texas operate:

In 1998, Judge Keller wrote the opinion rejecting a new trial for Roy Criner, a mentally retarded man convicted of rape and murder, even though DNA tests after his trial showed that it was not his semen in the victim.

“We can’t give new trials to everyone who establishes, after conviction, that they might be innocent,” she later told the television news program “Frontline.” “We would have no finality in the criminal justice system, and finality is important.”

Now, that’s very Catholic. I don’t purport to be a religious scholar, but I have a hard time thinking Jesus would share that view. Judge Keller is currently on trial for judicial misconduct:

Seventeen months ago, lawyers for a man facing execution sought extra time to file a last-minute appeal. Judge Keller refused to delay the closing of her clerk’s office past 5 p.m., even though late filings are common on the day of a scheduled execution. The man, Michael Richard, was put to death by lethal injection a few hours later.

So, here’s the question? Where’s the outrage from the Catholic hierarchy? Has Judge Keller been denied communion? Has the Catholic version of Rush Limbaugh, the racist, homophobic Bill Donohue, been bloviating about Keller? Of course not. The hypocrisy in the church is rampant. Can’t criticize Keller. She’s a Republican.

Instead, the Catholics have been aiming their fire at Kathleen Sebelius, who will be the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. The bigot Donohue, who basically has an organization of one person and a fax machine, led the charge, along with one of those whack job, Communion-denying bishops in Kansas.

If the church isn’t going to attack Keller, it shouldn’t attack Sebelius. But, consistency and intellectual honesty aren’t hallmarks of the Catholic hierarchy.

See, if it’s not about abortion or gay bashing, the leaders of the Catholic Church keep quiet. There is almost no such thing as Catholic criticism of Republicans. (That might make the real leader of the Catholic Church in the U.S., Bill Donohue, mad. )

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