BREAKING: Obama reaches out to Iran

We got wind that Obama was doing something big at midnight, and he did. Though at first blush it might not have seemed that way.

He released a video. To the leaders and people of Iran, on the holiday of Nowruz (New Years). At first, Joe and I thought, huh? A video? That’s the big news? But then as you’re watching, you realize what’s up. He’s reaching out to Iran. Something the US hasn’t done since Reagan sent that stupid cake in the 1980s. This is actually quite big. It’s something Obama said he’d do. Reach out to our enemies. And he did. He did it in a way that doesn’t cede any ground. But at the same time treats them with respect. It will be interesting to see how official Washington reacts tomorrow during the day. As an aside, the fact that Reagan is the other president who reached out to Iran may just inoculate Obama from any real criticism from the right. They can knock Obama for extending an olive branch to Iran, but then they’re knocking Reagan too.

Here’s the video:


Is it just me, or does Obama already look older?

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