Agent Orange probably sounded like a great idea to some as well

What were they thinking? The residents on either side of the Rio Grande have every reason to demand thorough testing and alternative methods. Maybe this herbicide is safe but without testing it’s hard to say what kind of impact it could have on people, wildlife and the water supply. Agent Orange still has an impact in Vietnam today.

Applying herbicides on a 1.1-mile stretch of the U.S. side of the river was part of a test project, Prichard said, but the CBP decided to postpone the $2.1 million experiment to address community concerns.

Residents of two Hispanic communities near Laredo, Texas — Barrio de Colores and Barrio El Cuatro — filed a lawsuit late Tuesday asking a federal court to intervene. Prichard said Wednesday morning he was unaware of the lawsuit.

Among the complaints in the lawsuit, the communities allege the CBP failed to assess the environmental impact adequately, failed to consider reasonable alternatives and failed to notify the public adequately.

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