Those crazy Mormon bigots

There they go again. This time, it’s a Mormon state senator in Utah who compared gays to Islamic terrorists, and who said that gays pose the greatest threat to the world today.

Sen. Chris Buttars considers the gay-rights movement — nationally and in Utah — “probably the greatest threat to America.”

In an interview with documentary filmmaker Reed Cowan, released by KTVX Ch. 4 on Tuesday night, Buttars said the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community doesn’t want “equality, they want superiority.”

“It’s the beginning of the end. Oh, it’s worse than that. Sure. Sodom and Gomorrah was localized. This is worldwide,” the West Jordan Republican said in the interview.

On Wednesday, gay-rights activist Jacob Whipple, founder of the All For One Initiative, called for Buttars’ resignation from the Utah Senate, urging supporters of the LGBT community to e-mail Buttars and Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville.

“He basically labeled my community as virtually the devil incarnate,” Whipple said. “I don’t think that he represents Utah any more. … Saying something so hurtful has no place on the hill.”

Buttars also compared gay activists to Muslim terrorists.

Mind you, he isn’t just some run-of-the-mill Mormon. He was important enough to be trusted with running what some call the Mormon version of a gulag. Oh, you haven’t heard about those? I researched one for a feature story I was writing for TALK magazine right before September 11. I interviewed a young man who was in hiding after his Mormon parents had him kidnapped and sent to a Mormon “reeducation/work” camp for troubled kids. Yes, they were going to work and beat the gay out of him. Between the forced marches, the lack of food, the appalling living conditions – all meant to cure his homosexuality – and the multiple tropical diseases he came down with, he says they nearly killed him. (The kid told me that they shipped him off to another camp they run, out of the country, so that they wouldn’t have to follow US child-protection laws- it’s the Mormon version of extraordinary rendition, but applied to underage children. Oh let’s do have a discussion about who has better morals and values – the gays, or the Mormons who torture children, that is when they’re not trying to steal Anne Frank’s soul.) I’ll find my old notes and share some stories of exactly what this poor kid says the Mormons did to him.

It seems that our good Mormon senator ran one of these Mormon “tough love” camps before he went into the Utah Senate. The Mormons trusted him with straightening out their most troubled children – he’s not just anybody.

The more we peel back the layers of the Mormon onion – such as their ongoing efforts to steal the souls of dead Jewish Holocaust victims – the more it’s clear that Mormons ought to be the last ones judging others. But they arrogantly, and bullishly, invited the scrutiny – so now they’re going to get it. In spades.

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