Now Obama only has two Republican cabinet members serving in a Democratic administration – pretty tragic blow to bipartisanship

I told Joe half an hour ago that some knucklehead in the media would claim that this was another sign of how not-bipartisan Obama really is. And here you go, from Politico:

New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg has abruptly withdrawn as President Barack Obama’s nominee to run the Commerce Department, another blow to an administration trying to build a bipartisan cabinet.


Yes, after Gregg pulls out, Obama “only” has two remaining Republican members of his Cabinet. I believe that would be a historic high for opposition members serving in a presidential cabinet (the usual number is “one”). Does Obama get credit for trying to add a THIRD Republican, putting him at 300% of the usual members of the Cabinet one chooses from the other side? Hardly. And when Gregg decides to pull out, apparently because Obama wouldn’t just hand the entire stimulus bill over to President Gregg, he grabs his marbles and goes home. And somehow, this is a “blow” to Obama’s efforts to be bipartisan – that Judd Gregg is a spoiled brat, and as a result, President Obama is stuck with “only” 200% of the normal number of opposition members in his Cabinet. Uh huh.

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