Jindal’s reviews are in: “really poor performance” “unserious” “hackneyed” “childish” (and that’s just from one article in Politico)

It was a double whammy for Republicans last night. Not only did Barack Obama deliver a masterful speech, which deftly laid blame on the GOP fore the massive failings of their policies, but the GOP’s great next voice, Bobby Jindal, was a dud. A huge dud:

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) hoped to step into the national spotlight Tuesday night to sound a hopeful yet defiant note in countering President Barack Obama as the GOP’s fresh and exciting face.

Instead, he got panned.

“I think he had a really poor performance tonight, I’m sorry to say,” National Public Radio’s Juan Williams said on a Fox News panel immediately following Jindal’s remarks. Williams went on to call the governor’s remarks “sing-songy” and said Jindal looked “childish” compared to Obama.

“This was not the best from the young man from Louisiana,” he said.

Fortune Magazine’s Nina Easton added flatly, “The delivery was not exactly perfect.”

Yep, he was a disaster. But, he had nothing to work with. Republicans are the party of no ideas and no vision. They are the party of “No.” And, they’ve let Rush Limbaugh become their leader. Because, clearly, Bobby Jindal isn’t.

One of the best quotes is from Tom Schaller:

Thomas Schaller, a political scientist at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, said, “Someday, when scholars are trying to fingerpoint the nadir of the post-Bush Republican Party, they may arrive at Jindal’s speech tonight,” he said. “Though it was a tough moment for any Republican to give the opposition response, his speech came across as unserious in content and condescending in its tone.”

Spot on.

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