Palestinian woman stands up to Israeli troops

I’m always very divided about issues surrounding Israel. I think many Americans on the right have a knee-jerk support of Israel (either for strategic reasons, or because they’re evangelicals who believe Israel will bring about the Second Coming, and who then believe that 2/3 of the world’s Jews will be killed in the Rapture because they haven’t embraced Christianity – funny, but I don’t call that “support”), while many on the left have a knee-jerk support of the Palestinians as the “underdog,” without recognizing that Israel and Jews have just as much a right to that claim.

In any case, this video below is transfixing. About a minute and 15 seconds into the video you’ll see a young American woman walking up to an Israel soldier and pushing his gun away, while trying to logically talk him out of firing on Palestinian rock throwers. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch, regardless of your views on the issue. And I think this woman, and the troops in the video, all showed exceptional restraint. Watch it. (Hat tip, Juan Cole.)


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