Evangelical Christians fear losing right to incite murder

From our dear friends in the religious right:

The Hate Crimes bill re-introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee will add homosexuals as a protected group to existing hate crime legislation. The bill will make it a federal crime for pastors to use the Bible to speak out against homosexuality if in response to that teaching someone commits an act of violence against a homosexual. This will effectively stifle the ability of pastors to preach the Word of God without fear of prosecution. Vision America has a plan to stop this Bill.

Inspiring someone to commit murder either is or isn’t a crime already. The hate crimes bill has nothing to do with the spoken word – it has to deal with people dragging you behind their truck for a mile, or tying to you to a fence and pistol-whipping you in the head. I shouldn’t be surprised, but still I am. Whining about your fear that you’ll lose the right to incite murder. Only in America.

Needless to say, the Hate Crimes bill doesn’t deal with speech. And in fact, America has had a hate crimes law for decades now, and no one has gone to jail for dissing blacks or whites, or people of faith, all of whom are already protected under the existing hate crimes laws. But somehow adding gays to a law that is already on the books, will magically make the law outlaw speech. Right. Evangelical bigots have a serious aversion to the truth. (H/t reader Sherril)

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