Kenyan PM calls out Mugabe and South Africa

It’s about time. Robert Mugabe has felt very little pressure over the years from fellow African political leaders, regardless of how brutal he has treated the people of Zimbabwe. All too often, leaders on the continent are reluctant to criticize fellow leaders for various reasons. The so-called liberation generation successfully defeated the colonial powers and that was understandably a reason to give a pass a few times. That period has long gone though and there’s little difference between the old, brutal colonial powers and some of the current regimes such as Robert Mugabe. African leaders are slowly starting to criticize Mugabe and his critical support from South Africa may be ending next year. I don’t see Mugabe accepting anything less than full control and that probably means a very bad ending. (h/t Cat)

“Power-sharing is dead in Zimbabwe and will not work with a dictator who does not really believe in power-sharing,” Mr Odinga told the BBC.

The BBC’s Karen Allen in Nairobi says the Kenyan prime minister had also held talks with Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa’s governing African National Congress party.

Mr Zuma has declared a new alliance between his party and the Kenyan leader, designed to elevate the Zimbabwe issue, she says.

Mr Odinga said that if Mr Mugabe were isolated, he would have no choice but to quit.

“I do believe strongly that if the leadership in South Africa took a firm stand and told Mugabe to quit he will have no choice but to do so,” the Kenyan PM said.

Mr Odinga was sure Mr Zuma, who is tipped to become president of South Africa next year, would have “no hesitation in taking that step”.

He also said he had advised Mr Tsvangirai to boycott the stalled power-sharing talks with Mr Mugabe.

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