In new video, Rick Warren accuses gays of “hateful attacks,” “hate speech,” “Christ-ophobia,” and of being “evil”

Merry Christmas from Rick Warren! You’re all hateful, evil, and not even Christian!

Barack Obama’s good buddy Rick Warren recorded a video yesterday, talking about the outcry over his being chosen to given the invocation at Obama’s swearing in. And it’s a doozie. Warren’s big mouth, and apparent ego, is pretty much guaranteeing that this controversy will continue all the way up until the inauguration and beyond.

In the new video, Warren accuses gays of “hate speech,” of launching “hateful attacks” against him, and he then says that gay and lesbian Americans have “Christ-ophobia,” a clear effort to mock the term “homophobia.” He goes on to explain that gays are “afraid of any Christian,” suggesting that gay and lesbian Americans – gay and lesbian Obama voters – are not Christians. He then goes on to call gays criticizing him “evil.” All this from a man who compared gay marriage to incest and pedophilia, and who explicitly bans “unrepentant gays” from his church membership.

(He also adds that bloggers are “rude” and “need to get a life.” I don’t really care about that part, it’s just more evidence that we’re getting under Warren’s skin, and that he’s not quite ready for prime time.)

Now that Obama has tied his horse to Rick Warren, and Warren is now speaking out and accusing gay and lesbian Obama supporters of being hateful, evil, of not being Christians, and of fearing all Christians and apparently Christ himself – mind you, we’re told by Obama’s pastor friend that we’re not really Christian only three days before Christmas – it’s time for Barack Obama to answer some questions about the very vocal Mr. Warren.

Does Obama agree with Rick Warren that gay and lesbian Americans have been “evil” and “hateful” in this affair?

Does Obama agree that gay Americans are not Christians?

Does Obama agree that gays have “Christ-ophobia”?

Keep fanning those flames, Mr. Warren.

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