China returns to censorship following Olympic hiatus

You didn’t really think China would stop censorship, did you? The only fools that believed that were the IOC and the foreign “democratic” leaders who attended the Olympics and suggested the games would help open up China. Pure CYA and attempted money grab, by all of them. Let’s see how much more censorship is rolled out as their economy slows to a trickle.

China said it has the right to block Web sites its says break its laws after being accused of restarting the practice it halted during the August Olympic Games as part of a promise to widen media freedom.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said Tuesday that certain Web sites had breached Chinese law by recognizing “two Chinas” — a reference to the self-ruled island Taiwan.

Liu, however, wouldn’t say whether any Web sites had been censored.

“Undeniably, on some Web sites, there are some issues that go against Chinese law. For example, some Web sites are actually creating two countries — that is one China, one Taiwan. They treat Taiwan as an independent country, which is against our law of anti-secessionism,” he said during a regularly scheduled press conference, without naming the organizations.

Beijing still claims sovereignty over the self-ruled island and has repeatedly warned any attempt at a permanent split could trigger a devastating conflict.

The British Broadcasting Corp. reported Tuesday that China appears to have banned a number of foreign Web sites recently, including its Chinese language news site and Voice of America in Chinese.

The sites had been unblocked after journalists attending the Beijing Olympics complained that the government was censoring sites deemed sensitive, the BBC said on its Web site.

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