Chambliss: Palin makes Republicans “explode”

Saxby Chambliss credits Sarah Palin with his victory in Georgia’s runoff yesterday. Sounds like the Georgia Senator is declaring Palin as the undisputed leader of the GOP:

“Sarah Palin came in on the last day, did a fly-around and, man, she was dynamite,” Chambliss told Fox News on Wednesday. “We packed the houses everywhere we went. And it really did allow us to peak and get our base fired up.”

Chambliss beat Martin by three points on Nov. 4 but did not reach 50 percent of the vote, making a runoff necessary. However, the incumbent easily beat his challenger Tuesday, more than quadrupling his margin of victory, and in the process kept Democrats from reaching a filibuster-proof Senate majority.

Chambliss heaped praise on Palin, saying she has a “great future” in the GOP.

“I can’t overstate the impact she had down here. All these folks did a great job coming in,” he said, referring to former presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani. “They all allow you [to] add momentum to where we were in the campaign. But when she walks in a room, folks just explode.”

Now, a lot of Republicans aren’t too comfortable with that prospect, hence the return of Jeb Bush. As predicted yesterday, Jeb is setting himself up to run for Senate from Florida according to an email he sent to Politico. I suspect the retirement of Mel Martinez was choreographed by the Bush team to get Jeb back in the game. They’re not going to cede their party to Sarah Palin.

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