Tuesday Turnout stories

A lot of what we’re hearing right now is anecdotal. ABC and AP have taken their first cracks at the turnout articles. Virginia reported some sporadic problems with voting machines.

Philadephia Daily News blog, City Hall, is reporting on long lines in that city. Pennsylvania doesn’t have early voting.

Reading similar reports from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Missouri is another state that didn’t have early voting.

Ari posted pictures of the line this morning in our neighborhood. This is the precinct where John and I both vote, too.

My friend, Aaron, who votes in Northern Virginia, sent a text he saw a lot of young and new voters at his precinct. He got there at what he thought would be the end of the morning rush and still had to wait 40 minutes.

Bruce Elfant in Austin told me last night that 50% of voters in Travis County had already voted — and the county expected 80% turnout.

Ben Smith has been getting emails from his readers around the country.

One last thing: Nate Silver says ignore the exit polls. I’m going to take Nate’s advice. He hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

UPDATE: Got two calls from New York. My friend, Joe, who is working on the Alice Kryzan campaign reports heavy turnout in that upstate district. And, Danny O’Donnell just told me he’s never seen anything like it in NYC. There was a line of 600 people in one precinct. Danny also reported that it’s a beautiful day in NYC and the voters in line are in a very good mood.

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