Time to boycott Utah, and Marriott?

Reader Dave writes

I’m appalled that Proposition 8 passed, and did so largely because of theĀ out-of-state dollars dumped into California by the Mormon church. We need to do something in response to this. I propose organizing a boycott of the state of Utah, not unlike the boycott of Colorado in the early 1990s. There need to be repercussions for the actions of the LDS church. Thoughts?


In the 90s, we had some real boycotts of states that chose hate over tolerance, and it hurt. Bad. We targeted tourism and conventions, particularly. And it worked. Perhaps we need to revisit this tactic. A lot of people visit Marriotts, and have an easy choice to go elsewhere. And there’s great skiing in Colorado too. What are Utah’s top industries, top money makers, top companies? What business are connected to the Mormon Church besides Marriott? Who were the top donors to the hate amendment in California? Any big companies? Any donors associated with big name-brand companies? Perhaps it’s time to make Utah, Marriott, and the Mormon Church the Cracker Barrel of 2009.

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