Sundance hosting movies at anti-gay bigot’s cinemas

UPDATE: This is at least one Sundance theater owned by the man who gave nearly $10,000 to the Mormon and religious right anti-gay bigots supporting Prop 8 in California:

HOLIDAY VILLAGE CINEMAS, Cinemark Holiday Village Cinemas

The cinema is in Park City, Utah. That’s the “gay-friendly” “super-liberal” town that we were told would never lift a finger to hurt gays. I pity the person whose movies are showing at that cinema during Sundance, because I have a funny feeling there are going to be some really bad pickets. And it’s not clear who is going to remain in line for the movie after being informed that by attending the movie they’re supporting a Prop 8 donor. Some directors and producers are going to be really pissed at Sundance for putting their movies at that cinema.

I’m sure the Sundance folks are nice liberal people. But the problem with having a film festival in Utah is that anyone who attends will be helping to finance the repeal of their own civil rights.

I wrote yesterday about how the CEO of Cinemark, a huge international chain of cinemas, donated $9,999 (anyone else find that number a bit fishy) to the hateful bigots running Yes on 8 in California. Well, today we learn from the Los Angeles Times that the Sundance Film Festival, taking place in Utah this coming January, will be using the hateful bigot movie chain’s theaters to show its movie.

There has also been talk of a boycott of the Cinemark movie chain, whose CEO gave money to “Yes on 8.” This could have a major effect on the Sundance Film Festival, which uses the chain’s theaters to show movies.

That means that if you pay to attend Sundance, your money is going into the pockets of people who will then use your money to take away your civil rights. Unless Sundance is getting the cinemas for free, you are quite literally funneling money to anti-gay bigots.

It ain’t pretty. I’m sure the Sundance folks are nice people. But they picked the wrong state to settle down in. Anyone who attends Sundance is quite literally funding the enemy. (PS, here’s a list of the hate-cinemas in the US.)

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