Senator Ensign, chair of Senate GOP’s campaign committee, trashes McCain and Palin

You’d expect Republican Senator John Ensign to criticize Obama. That’s not news. It is news when another GOPer slams Palin.

At this point in an election, the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, shouldn’t be trashing the top of his ticket. But, that’s what he did yesterday

Republican Sen. John Ensign says Sarah Palin is not experienced enough to be president and John McCain’s presidential campaign “completely mishandled” her early days on the ticket.

The Nevada senator made the comments in a television interview in which he also criticized Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s readiness for the job. Ensign then strayed far from the GOP’s standard description of its vice presidential pick’s qualifications.

Now, Ensign is, of course, on the verge of overseeing huge losses in the Senate. So, he’s obviously trying to assign blame elsewhere.

Jed has video of Ensign.

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