Senate Dems vote to let Lieberman keep chair

NOTE: The comments fizzled out, right when you wanted to let loose about Lieberman. They should be back now, give them a try: Comment Here.


“Some of the things people have said I said of Senator Obama are simply not true.”

Lying weasel to the end.

Maybe we don’t need those extra Senate seats in Alaska, Minnesota and Georgia. I mean, I’d love for Begich, Franken and Martin to win, but what’s the point? Why bust our asses for these guys, for the party, when people like LIeberman, who actually campaigned AGAINST some of these guys, are rewarded for their betrayal? It’s becoming increasingly clear that the current crop of Democrats are genetically incapable of showing, or growing, a spine. The only way to get anything in this party is to publicly betray the party, to beat the living crap out of them, to stick the knife in deep and twist. Lesson duly noted.

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