Move aside Michael Deaver, Sarah Palin is in the building

She’s the king of the world, damn it. Listen to her spokesman. And then tell yourself that this rank amateur was almost president.

“Tomorrow, Governor Palin could do an interview with any news media on the planet,” said her spokesman, Bill McAllister. “Tomorrow, she could probably sign any one of a dozen book deals. She could start talking to people about a documentary or a movie on her life. That’s the level we are at here.”

“Barbara Walters called me. George Stephanopoulos called me,” McAllister said. “I’ve had multiple conversations with producers for Oprah, Letterman, Leno and ‘The Daily Show.'”

Oh my God, it’s like listening to a teenage girl (“And then, he looked at me, and, like, I know he liked me cuz, you know, he kind of touched my arm and said ‘hey.’ He didn’t say hey to you, he said hey to me, oh my God, OH MY GOD, OMG!”).

Giddy does not become a potential future leader of the free world. You’re not the king of world just because Barbara Walters wants to interview you. She wants to interview mass murderers too. The utter arrogance and naivete. And then to admit it publicly. Childish, immature, amateur, pathetic. And this is the future of the Republican party? Bring her on.

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