Lieberman made Harry Reid cry so he gets to keep his committee chair, reportedly

That the gist of the late-breaking news from MSNBC, saying that Dems have reportedly decided to let Lieberman keep his committee chair, provided he gives up his subcommittee (not totally clear why that matters). The turning point in the saga was supposedly two things. First, that Obama wanted Lieberman to stay in the caucus. And second, that Lieberman threatened Harry Reid that he’d walk and join the Republicans.

Yes, Lieberman threatened that he’d join the minority instead of the majority, making his remaining years in the Senate emasculating, powerless and unimportant. Gee, no briar patch available?

Not to mention, since when wasn’t the potential for Lieberman to walk and join the Republicans a possible expected outcome? That’s not news, so it shouldn’t have influenced the debate.

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