Letters to Harry Reid and calls to Democratic Senators: Joe Must Go

Urge Senator Reid to show Joe Lieberman the door.

Josh Orton wants us to outflank Lieberman with his Democratic colleagues, too:

Lieberman was hoping to privately lobby his colleagues to save him. But with the curtain pulled back, we can lobby the same potential Lieberman allies. And now they’ll have to choose between personal loyalty to Joe and doing the right thing – with the whole world watching.

If they hear from enough of us, there’s no way Joe keeps his position of power.

So let’s get to the phones. And the emails.

The number for the Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121. Start with your own Senator, but call the more conservative members of the Dem caucus too. Ask whether they support Lieberman remaining as Chair of the Homeland Security committee, given his unfair attacks on President-elect Obama. Be polite, and calm. The young people who answer the phones are entry-level staffers.

Post what you hear in the comments. Let’s outflank Lieberman.

Joe must go.

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