Daft the Vote

I hired Andy Cobb and friends to produce this latest get-out-the-vote video. I think it’s brilliant. It’s a take-off of this video, that has 25m views on YouTube, and here’s a second take-off. You can watch Andy’s video below and here. If you like it, vote for it, favorite it and send it to some friends via this link.


And here’s the lyrics:

Seems like lately weve been lazy
Seems like lately weve been slow
Seems like lately its got crazy
Seems like weve lost a step, you know?

USA been moving backwards
USA things dont look so good
USA looks on her ass
Would we change it if we could?

I wish there was someplace to go
To change around the way things go
Get up
Stand up

Raise your game
Above the norm
This is our time
To transform
Stand up
Stand up
Get up stand up

We are better we are stronger smarter get together get up do more
The world is watching get together get up do more
Stronger smarter faster better lose the temper end the war
We are many we are stronger we can change it to the core
If you’re ready we can stand up stand up get up we can say no more
Stronger smarter better faster use the booth that’s what it’s for
Time. For. Change.

Write it on you to remember
Put on the ink and let it linger
Flex your muscle this November
Give the GOP the finger.

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