$7 million book deal for Palin?

Seven million dollars? For what? When I heard this reported on the news this morning, I didn’t quite believe it. But, then again, prominent GOP lesbian Mary Cheney got $1 million for a book about nothing that nobody bought. So, this is one of those inside deals, probably aided by some GOPer in the publishing business, to make Palin rich enough that she can run for president without having anyone else buy her clothes:

Sarah Palin has garnered more than fame from her failed Vice-Presidential bid. She is reportedly close to making a book deal for $7 million.

“Bill Clinton made over $10 million for his deal seven years ago,” a publishing insider told Radar. “That was more than any other former President.”

Palin offers more than just a political memoir with flashes of sexual mea culpa.

“She has huge appeal to a segment of the female reading public, and her private life hasn’t been an open book,” our source told us. “Not yet.”

The book would be crafted with a ghost-writer and the goal will be to get it in stores in time for Christmas of next year.

Her private life? Ick. We know enough already. Seven million dollars for what?

I can forgive John McCain for a lot of his campaign rhetoric. But, I don’t think I’ll ever forgive him for inflicting Palin on us.

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