WSJ Headline: “McCain’s Monday Campaigning Leaves Some Puzzled”

Seems like the traditional media is starting to acknowledge what a train wreck the McCain campaign is. “Leaves some puzzled” is an understatement, but it’s making the point that McCain is increasingly erratic, even for him:

Several things about John McCain’s Monday caused some head scratching, including the tease of some new economic policies to a town hall meeting with no Q&A.;

It began with McCain’s close friend Sen. Lindsey Graham who said McCain would propose new tax policies this week. Yet Monday brought two stump speeches with no new economic proposals. Instead, McCain reiterated what he’s been saying for weeks.

A conference call with the campaign provided little guidance. It seems Monday was all about unveiling a new stump speech, according to campaign spokesman Brian Rogers.

On Tuesday, McCain will outline “specific new measures,” according to Doug Holtz-Eakin, the campaign’s economic policy director, on a conference call with reporters. He declined to elaborate any further, saying only, “We just need to look forward to hearing from him.”

Then came the event in Wilmington, N.C., held at — irony alert!– Cape Fear Community College. McCain stood in front of the crowd and said he would take questions or comments after he delivered his remarks. He finished his prepared speech and tacked on a longtime stump story about the bracelet he wears. But then the music and handshaking began. No questions or comments to be heard—at least those directed at the senator. “I thought this was a town hall meeting?” a man asked the press corps.

This was the day when McCain was going to jump start his campaign with new ideas and a new stump speech. Didn’t quite happen.

Imagine a headline: “McCain’s Presidency Leaves Some Puzzled.” Because that’s what we’d be getting.

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