Top McCain supporter blisters Palin

Of course she’s not ready, says Republican former Secretary of State (and McCain supporter) Lawrence Eagleburger, and he “devoutly hopes” she’s never “tested” in the presidency.

You vote for McCain, you vote for the blithering idiot to very possible take over the presidency some time in the next 4 years, if McCain dies in office. If you don’t value your 401k or your safety or your country, vote for McCain and be prepared for another Bush administration, with all the extremism and idiocy wrapped in one.

Note from Jacki: Nico and Sam report McCain’s response to Eagleburger’s comments:

McCain is asked to respond to Eagleburger’s remarks during an appearance on Good Morning America Friday. And… he’s not troubled by them.

“Larry has never had a chance to meet Sarah,” he says.

McCain’s starting to sound like that girlfriend of yours who’s dating a guy you know – and all your friends know – is bad news. And everyone who meets him thinks he’s a nightmare, but she keeps insisting you just don’t know him like she does. It’s pathetic.

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