Something just went wrong with McCain’s face on national TV

UPDATE: Because the McCain campaign is still refusing to release McCain’s medical records, and refuses to say a word of explanation about McCain’s strange facial convulsions that have now been repeatedly caught on film in the past few weeks, I’m bumping this post. America deserves to know if John McCain, who is 72 years old and has 4 bouts of serious melanoma, and who has been acting erratically and confused of late, is physically or mentally ill and not coming clean about it.

UPDATE: There’s now slow-motion video making it painfully clear that something is wrong. Here’s the video. It’s gotten over 100,000 views on YouTube in just 4 days. Americans are clearly interested in knowing what is wrong with John McCain’s health:


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Here are still images from the video, capturing McCain’s facial convulsion. Click the pictures to see larger images.

In the post below, we showed a scene that just took place in which McCain was momentarily confused on stage, not knowing where to go. We posted the video because it was funny. But Joe just realized that literally seconds before McCain became confused on stage, his face twitched or convulsed twice. Look at the photos above and below. They’re from around 5 seconds (above) and 11 second (below) into the video Joe posted below.

It happened twice. First in a rather major way at 5 seconds, then more minor at 10/11 seconds. You can see McCain’s left eye twitch closed, and at the same time, the left corner of his lip twitched upwards – it’s especially pronounced in the 4th photo above. What is going on with McCain’s health? This isn’t normal. And it happened right before he became confused and couldn’t figure out how to get off the stage.

At some point, the corporate media needs to do its job and stop being a bunch of politically correct wimps. We just saw – AGAIN – something go physically wrong with McCain’s face. It’s not the first time it’s happened, we documented it before. But the media refuses to ask McCain what is wrong with him because, well, it’s not clear why. McCain is 72 years old, was tortured for five years (which couldn’t have done wonders to his health), and then had 4 bouts of serious melanoma. His health is an issue, and he has never fully released his medical records in a way that permits anyone to actually peruse them correctly – he only permitted reports to look at each page of his medical records for about 10 seconds before switching to another page. And no one was permitted to copy or take with any of the records. They’re now back under lock and key.

Below is the second twitch/convulsion right before McCain finished and became befuddled. Since the corporate media isn’t do its job, and the McCain campaign won’t release his records, we have to turn to you. Would any doctors out there please give me an analysis of what could be causing this? Here’s something interesting from Wikipedia:

Several conditions can cause a facial paralysis, e.g., brain tumor, stroke, and Lyme disease. However, if no specific cause can be identified, the condition is known as Bell’s Palsy.

Another theory being discussed in the comments is a mini-stroke. Another theory being discussed by a number of doctors who have written me is mini-strokes, or “transient ischemic attacks.”

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