McCain’s Latin American experience includes ‘dating’ a Latin American in the 1950s

Yeah, I’ll bet he went to her repeatedly for foreign policy advice too. Seriously. That’s what McCain’s campaign said today. His experience in the region includes, um, “dating” a Brazilian. Yes, well, I’ve “dated” a Brazilian too. Does that make me a Latin America expert?

In fact, I suspect this is ongoing damage control from McCain recently thinking Spain was in Latin America, and that Venezuela (which is in Latin America) was in the Middle East. But seriously, there’s nothing physically or mentally wrong with McCain. Lots of Latin American experts confuse Spain and Venezuela with Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

It’s also damage control for rising concerns over McCain’s physical and mental health. Apparently, pointing to some Brazilian woman McCain “met” 51 years ago somehow shows how virile he is today. Yeah, we get it, he liked girls half a century ago. And this saves my 401k how?

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