McCain to go on hate-jock Don Imus’s radio show tomorrow morning

Ambinder’s Twitter feed says McCain is going on Don Imus’ radio show tomorrow. No hate is too great for John McCain. In fact, the hate-ier the better, now that McCain has decided he’s going to run as a far-right neanderthal in order to win the far-right neanderthal vote.

Time to ask John McCain his views on calling black women and Jews:

– Hos
Black bitches
Boner-nosed, beanie-wearing Jew boys

McCain’s embrace of anti-Semitism has followed a very disturbing pattern.

Then there’s this, all from one show:

– Beating up faggots.
– Knocking over Jewish tombstones.
– Setting homeless bums on fire.
– Anderson Cooper taking it in the poop chute.
– Obama as a colored man.
– Homos.
– Wishing that some “sissy” on American Idol be the victim of a vicious hate crime.
– Shaving Rosie O’Donnell’s bush, you’d need a weed wacker.

Time to revisit John Lewis?

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