McCain thinks New Yorkers and Pentagon employees who died on September 11 are fake Americans

They’re from the DC area and New York City, and according to McCain today, all of us who live in the DC area and New York City are elitists who go to cocktail parties and turn our noses up at “real Americans” – that is, when we’re not being attacked by Al Qaeda. What a desperate, hateful, arrogant, shell of a real man McCain has turned into. (Not to mention, it’s still funny as hell that McCain, with 12 homes, 13 cars, a wife worth $100m, and a running mate who just went out and bought $150,000 in clothing, has the nerve to accuse anyone of being an elitist. I guess you’re an elitist in the McCain family when you hit your 13th home and your second $100m.)

Funny, McCain had no problem using footage of New Yorkers dying in the World Trade Center on September 11 during his own convention. That was a first for US politics, using 9/11 for political gain (well, okay, not a first as George Bush has been doing it for years). But oh how quickly John McCain tires of New Yorkers. Are they patriots or elitists? Does McCain include New York firefighters when he brands all New Yorkers as fake, elitists who aren’t real Americans? He just did. And the former mayor of New York City is doing robo-calls for McCain now – are those elitist un-American robo-calls? What does Giuliani have to say about this smear of our dead and our heros?

Now watch an adult explain that we are all Americans:


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