McCain: I’d let Osama bin Laden go free

Wow. Probably the biggest gaffe McCain has ever made, saying that he’d refuse to catch Osama bin Laden if he had him in his sights. Specifically, McCain and Palin have said that if they knew where bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan, and the Pakistani government refused to go in and get him for us, McCain and Palin would let bin Laden go free rather than going in and getting him ourselves.

Let me repeat: McCain and Palin would refuse to grab Osama bin Laden if he were in their sights because it would offend Pakistan, a sovereign nation. (Talk about being beholden to the UN crowd!)


Barack Obama has said that he would grab bin Laden. This infuriated McCain and Palin (though Palin, to be fair, agreed with Obama, twice, a month ago – she’s just catching up on her bin Laden lessons at McCain University). McCain is all worried about hurting Pakistan’s feelings, or something. (He’s such a sensitive guy now that he wears $8,000 worth of make-up.) It’s really quite astounding, McCain would let a mass murdering terrorist go free. Good luck justifying that one to the American people.

I can’t understand why the Obama people haven’t jumped on this more strongly (sic Biden on it). I can see Obama or Biden now, saying something like this:

My opponent and I have a fundamental disagreement. If I had Osama bin Laden in my sights, I would grab him. John McCain and Sarah Palin have said, vehemently, that they would let Osama bin Laden go free. We just fundamentally disagree on this point. John McCain and Sarah Palin are more worried about hurting a foreign government’s feelings than catching the man who mass-murdered nearly 3,000 Americans. When McCain and Palin told us they were putting country first, we should have asked them which country. Talk about erratic.

The media needs to ask McCain and Palin, point blank, would you or would you not let Osama bin Laden go if you had him in your sights? Don’t let them worm out of it – they’ve said quite clearly that they would let him go if the Pakistanis said “no.” Ask them again and make them defend this horrendous admission.

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