McCain camp lies about McCain’s relationship with Saddam’s lobbyist

We now know that uber-lobbyist Bill Timmons is reportedly linked to Saddam Hussein. We also know that Bill Timmon was chosen by McCain to conduct a study in preparation for the presidential transition should McCain win. Some are now trying to claim that this doesn’t make Timmons the head of the transition. Well, since the transition isn’t appointed until after the election – that would be correct, but also irrelevant. Timmons has been the lead guy on the transition at this point, the guy who wrote the seminal document that is guiding McCain’s entire transition should he win. And for McCain to select someone who was reportedly Saddam Hussein’s lobbyist is, well, beyond creepy. (It also further a pattern of America’s Worst Lobbyists working for McCain – McCain’s own campaign manager took $2m from Fannie and Freddie, to many our own homegrown version of Saddam.) And even worse, for McCain to now not repudiate Timmons’ help is even worse.


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