Latest McCain spin: Palin is dumb, just like you

Seriously, now, this is the best the McCain campaign could come up with? Palin is an idiot, just like you? I’m sorry, but she needs a lot more going for her if she’s going to be a 72 year old cancer survivor’s heartbeat away from the presidency. America tried the “vote for the dumb guy, he’s funny” thing already – twice in fact. Didn’t work out so well. More from Huff Post:

“She’s not lived in the world of Washington, so she doesn’t know every detail of all the questions senators deal with,” Lieberman told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “But, frankly, that’s her strength. I think that’s why a lot of regular people out across America think she’s going to be their voice.”

Mitchell interjected, “Senator, she wants to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. You know, that doesn’t mean just being an average mom, it means bringing other skills.”

But Lieberman stayed on the point, stating later, “I think tonight is not a kind of final college exam. I think the point is who is she as a person… Whether she can answer every detailed question, I don’t think that ultimately matters to the American people so long as they think she passes those other personal thresholds.”

You know, call me a Washington elitist, but when I have to call my bank to see if my retirement savings is safe, I don’t want to find some dumb nice person on the other end of the line. I want the smartest person I can find taking care of my assets, my economy, my country. The notion that our country is facing its most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression and we’re to trust the reins of government to Sarah Palin because she’s kind of an idiot, but nice, is beyond absurd. Yes, Americans vote their gut. But they also vote their wallet. Our life savings are on the line. And no one – NO ONE – trusts Sarah Palin with their bank account. And frankly, only a Washington elitist like Lieberman would.

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