John McCain’s erratic weekend economic adventure

The Erratic One’s weekend is captured by Marc Ambinder:

It’s never good to overpromise to [Politico’s] Mike Allen on Saturday, back track a little on Sunday, fail to give Lindsey Graham the message, whet everyone’s appetites, offer new rhetoric Monday, throw your own campaign under the bus, facilitate your burned surrogates’ leaking to the New York Times, and have nothing to put up against your opponents’ four new policy proposals.

And, Christopher Orr at the Plank:

Over the weekend, the McCain campaign signaled that it would unveil a series of new economic proposals to deal with the financial crisis, and trotted surrogate Lindsey Graham out to preview the “very comprehensive approach to jump-start the economy.”

But sometime late yesterday, they evidently changed their minds, telling the Times, “the Republican presidential nominee would not have any more proposals this week unless developments call for some,” and basically pretending they had no idea what Graham was talking about.

And, this man wants to be your president. Wow.

Let’s just put this in perspective: The McCain campaign knows its being closely watched. Their repeated stunts, combined with the ugly negative attacks, have caused the McCain to drop precipitously in national and state polls. Yet, against this scrutiny, McCain and his campaign honchos only reinforce the idea that erratic behavior reigns. It’s quite stunning. No wonder so many Republicans are fleeing from the McCain campaign.

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