Ifill Book Public Weeks Before McCain Agreed To Have Her Moderate VP Debate

John McCain must be demented if he chose Gwen Ifill to moderate the vice presidential debate WEEKS AFTER she had announced she was doing a book about race in America in the Obama age, but now, 24 hours before the debate, McCain is suddenly upset about Ifill’s book.

He wasn’t upset about it two months ago when he PICKED Ifill to be the moderator. But now he is. 24 hours before the debate, when it’s too late to do much other than cancel the debate. Isn’t that interesting.

It’s one more example of John McCain’s erratic behavior, behavior that is getting more and more confused and incomprehensible.

Is McCain’s strange behavior related to the mysterious physical malady we reported on earlier today (many thought it looked like a mini-stroke, but others have suggested it could be a reaction to Alzheimer’s medicine) – and don’t forget, AP reported yesterday (see article at bottom right of page) that there is a one-in-four chance that McCain, who is 72 years old and has had 4 serious bouts of melanoma skin cancer, will die during his second term. Or is it simply John McCain makes a desperate move to shut down the debate now that his rash choice for vice president has proven herself to be a blithering idiot?

Remember, just last week McCain tried to shut down the VP debate due to the economic crisis. And now it’s Gwen Ifill “suddenly” being biased, when McCain himself chose her two months ago.

Let this be a warning to everyone in the media. John McCain will destroy your reputation, if it will get him one step closer to the White House.

Oh, and one final point. Drop Ifill. I don’t care. Pick Judy Woodruff instead. Just don’t pick a man instead, because that’s what McCain wants. I suspect McCain believes a man will be nicer to Palin than a woman would be, or McCain wants a man asking the hard questions, so it will look like two mean men beating up the poor helps future commander in chief of the United States Armed Forces. Don’t give McCain the pleasure. Pick another woman and be done with it. And watch Judy eat her alive.

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