Compare McCain 18 months ago to McCain today

I was watching a video I posted earlier from TPM, and I noticed how strong, smart and energetic McCain was during one of the Republican debates. It was a McCain I’d not seen for a long while, but one I vaguely remembered. I checked the date and saw it was from May of last year, 2007. Then I watched McCain making his gaffe yesterday in Pennsylvania. They’re two totally differently people. The McCain of today is less sure of himself, stumbles with his words, loses his train of thought, gets confused. He looks much older. He evens sounds older. The old McCain (of 18 months ago) had a lower voice. The new McCain has a higher raspy voice. It’s kind of weird how much he’s aged in just 18 months – and he’s not even president yet. So I put the videos side by side. See for yourself.


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