CBS POLL: Biden wins debate 46-21. Did better than Obama did in first debate.

(Uncommitted Voters who watched the debate)

46% of uncommitted voters who watched the debate tonight thought Joe Biden was the winner (that’s better than the undecideds gave Obama after the first debate with McCain). 21% thought Sarah Palin won, 33% thought it was a draw. Before the debate, 79% thought Biden was “knowledgeable,” after the debate 98% had that opinion.

Here is how Obama did in the same snap poll after his first debate with McCain:

Olbermann just reported on a snap poll of uncommitted voters conducted by CBS: 40% said Obama won; 38% said it was a draw; and only 22% just said McCain won. On Iraq, 55% said McCain would make the right decision while 49% said Obama would. In that poll, Obama closed that gap.

Huff Post reports that CNN’s undecideds liked Biden more than they liked Palin:

During the course of the debate, CNN was running a viewer response line for uncommitted voters in Ohio. Overall the numbers reflected a very strong performance for Biden. And while Palin scored well, at times, among this crowd, the dial lines indicated that she remains a controversial figure among females in that state.

Biden repeatedly won high accolades on a wide range of topics. His remarks about the personal trials of having a wife and daughter die in a car accident sent male and female respondents through the roof. His dig at Dick Cheney — “the most dangerous Vice President in history” — and his pledge to end the war in Iraq were similarly popular. When he defended Obama from Palin’s attacks, he held in equally high regard….

Following the debate, only one member of the focus group said they had decided to support the McCain-Palin ticket based on the debate; a half-dozen or more said they would now back Obama and Biden.

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