Blithering Idiot Watch

Possible future president Sarah Palin said today that she likes visiting “pro-America” parts of the country.

She really is an idiot. She’s also starting to sound like quite a hateful idiot at that. And John McCain wants to put her in the presidency, during this time of crisis. That makes him an even bigger idiot.

Biden responded today:

“I, like your senators and governor have been all over this great land,” Biden said. “I’ve never been to a state, I’ve never been to a state that hasn’t sent its sons and daughters to serve and die for this country.”

“Folks, it doesn’t matter where you live, we all love this country and I hope it gets through. We all love this country,” he also said.

Sam at Huff Post notes that the McCain campaign has expanded on Palin’s remarks to say that she meant that small towns are pro-America, but apparently big cites and surburbs are not, nor are the residents of Washington, DC.

Worst. Vice Presidential Candidate. Ever.

The media needs to demand that Palin detail for us what parts of America aren’t pro-America. She still hasn’t done a press conference, and she’s done only a handful of interview with real media. Do your job, folks – why are you letting the story, of Palin’s refusal to do interviews, simply slip away?

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