A McCain voter weighs in about how the economy is doing great and anyone struggling is obviously lazy

JW writes:

Just want you to know I am a full time computer engineer and graduate student. I am also a republican.

It is funny how you talk about republicans wearing stupidity and ignorance like a badge of honor….

I keep on hearing about the failed policy of the last 8 years?

So I know probably a couple hundred people in my life, none of them unemployed or really struggling in any way.

I mean yeah sure, the auto industry is laying people off because Ford and GM make horrible cars due to the high business taxes and union influence creating both overpaid and lazy workers.

Honestly, let those lazy union starve for all I care. Just like your typical union, they push and push until they drive a company out of business. When are companies going to learn?

Stop dealing with the organized crime based unions and hire hard working people. At least the illegal immigrants coming into this country want to work for a living (not collect union wages or welfare.)

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