You can turn off NBC and MSNBC during the debates and elections

McCain and the Republicans got to NBC and MSNBC. They pulled Keith Olbermann out of the anchor chair. Probably because we were all sooooooooo “sexist” last week. Really pathetic of NBC/MSNBC. They actually fell for the Republicans’ crap about “bias.” But I’m sure that now that NBC/MSNBC has caved to the Republicans, the GOP will never say another mean thing about the network. Yeah, ask the Democrats how well the “cave just this once and they’ll leave us alone” strategy has worked. Not to mention, how many people at the Republican convention do you honestly believe watch NBC or MSNBC? They watch FOX, you morons. We watch NBC and MSNBC. At least we did. You people are idiots.

Speaking of idiots who kow-tow to conservatives, did you catch the NYT headline on this story? Keith Olbermann is “incendiary,” according to the NYT. You’re all idiots.

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