WSJ: McCain to take nap before big debate

No word on whether warm milk is involved. All kidding aside, anyone else disturbed that before facing a test of his presidential abilities our possible future president needs a nap? Will Putin give McCain a time out? How about Ahmenidjad in Iran? More from Taegan:

Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain will spend much of this week preparing for their first debate on Friday night.

The Wall Street Journal notes McCain “will spar this week in mock debates” with former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steele who will play Obama “and use many of his speaking patterns, tactics and body language.” Obama “will practice with Greg Craig, a Washington lawyer and former official in the Clinton administration who is one of his few gray-haired advisers.”

On the day of the debate, McCain “will host a town-hall event and take a short nap” while Obama “will work out or shoot hoops.”

Interesting that McCain chose a black man to play Obama.

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