Where will anyone find the time to search for new health insurance?

The $5000 health insurance tax credit is a sham as Jacki says below. I mean really. A tax credit? That’s a classic old fashioned Washington scam that we’ve seen for years. Only someone as rich as the McCain’s, who have personal attorneys and accountants who know the really juicy tax breaks like such ideas. Above and beyond that, what always jumps out at me is the free for all in the unregulated market. Since McCain hates to regulate anything, you just know that every company will spin their offer so buyers would have no idea how to compare any of the competing plans.

Think about how much free time you have today in your life and then think how easy it’s going to be to start searching for new coverage once your company stops offering a plan. At your company, they have people who are working to negotiate plans and monitor plans but under the McCain plan, you now have a second or third job, which is as a plan administrator. Yippee. More work and less benefits! Who doesn’t love that? So between taking the kids to school or soccer or driving to and from work and doing the groceries and all of the other activities in a normal schedule, you can know spend even more time monitoring every remote aspect of your new, unregulated insurance plan. Could life really be any better than that? Thanks for the unpaid job, McCain. Now there’s the reform that nobody wants except for Big Insurance and the GOP.

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