US ambassador to Spain says it’s “prudent” McCain didn’t commit to meet Zapatero. Oh. So was it “imprudent” in April when McCain invited him to US?

The McCain campaign can’t have it both ways. If the US ambassador is now saying that it was “prudent” for John McCain to not commit to meeting with the Spanish prime minister should McCain win the election, then it must have been awfully “imprudent” for McCain to invite the Spanish leader to Washington back in April. McCain just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. McCain would rather tell a lie, and rupture relations with a top US ally, than admit the damaging truth that he no longer has the mental acuity he did in his youth. But hey, I’m game. Let’s play along. Do tell us, McCain campaign: What was it between April and today that convinced John McCain that he needed to take a hard line with the Spanish, 6 weeks before the US election, contradicting everything McCain said about relations with Spain only five months ago? Seriously, let’s play this game – answer the question and convince us that John McCain didn’t just suffer a mental lapse on tape.

One more point, for our friends in the corporate media. The fact that McCain is now dragging in the Bush administration to defend him on this issue means that McCain is very worried that this issue will get traction. Why? Not because he’s worried about the all-important Spaniard vote – no offense to our Spanish friends, but American voters really don’t care if McCain disses Spain. There has to be some reason that the McCain campaign is having the Bush administration weigh in to save him on this one. McCain is worried that we got a very real glimpse of him seemingly showing signs of old age or illness. McCain is 72 years old and has had 4 bouts of serious melanoma. It’s time the media stopped beating around the bush. Everyone knows McCain isn’t as intellectually spry as he once was. These mistakes are happening more frequently. What if they happen during an international crisis? We’ll have Sarah Palin to help him out?

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