Two nationalizations in Europe over the weekend

That didn’t take long. Belgian-Dutch giant Fortis fell as did British mortgage lender Bradford and Bingley. Both were large financial organizations though Fortis had become very aggressive in recent years, buying banks everywhere. What ever happened to conservative bankers?

I’ve been wondering lately what impact all of this will have for individuals who are looking for work and who have Bear Stearns, Countrywide, Lehman Brothers, Fortis, etc on their CV. Do you think it will matter to future potential employers? Will it be like having Anderson Consulting or Enron or Philip Morris on your CV? (People who work for Big Tobacco often struggle to get out after having that in their CV.) In my industry I tend to look at people with a dot com history and think they’re a fraud, but I will be curious to see where all of this goes in the next few years with the movers and shakers (not just at the top) from this industry who have been humbled. Realistically the highlights they will want to proudly highlight in their CV will be suspect, at best. What do you think?

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