Special needs mom weighs in on Sarah Palin

A mom with a special needs kid writes us:

I’m the mother of a special needs child, and hopefully my mommy brain can help shed some light on Sarah Palin’s strange habits.

Her behavior immediately before (and since) birth does bear some examination. When I was pregnant and supposedly healthy, I canceled a long planned trip to Europe in my third trimester as a precaution. To be fair, Palin had had four healthy pregnancies and wasn’t a nervous first timer like me. Plus a Down’s baby is usually in normal good health. I’ll also stipulate that in Alaska, unlike Arizona, you really do sometimes need a bush plane to get around. Still, once a woman’s water breaks, I would personally consider her grounded. If she has any sense at all, she’ll arrange to be grounded close to the best medical facilities available.

I’m also a little disturbed by how her decision to give birth to a special needs child is praised, but her decision to spend her time away from that child is completely unexamined. (This is classic behavior from the party that only cares about “life” before birth.) Any five month old baby needs serious time with its mommy. I also doubt that Palin is dragging a breast pump with her on the campaign trail, since it’s a bunch of doctors and scientist over at the American Academy of Pediatricians recommending breast feeding for the first year.

My real question about the Palin household is this: Her 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant and getting ready to marry the daddy. When’s the daughter’s birthday? Has she been 17 for at least five months? How old is the daddy? What are the laws governing such relationships in Alaska? I agree that the girl should be left out of the spotlight as much as possible, but her parents’ judgment needs to be thoroughly examined.

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