Palin lied again today about killing Bridge to Nowhere (she was actually for it)

Palin again today read the same speech she’s been reading every day, and outright lied about her support of the Bridge to Nowhere.

How many days in a row do McCain and Palin have to lie about her position on earmarks – she was for the Bridge to Nowhere, but every single day on the stump she outright lies and says she was against it – how many days in a row do Palin and McCain have to treat the media and the voters like chumps before someone in the media calls her on this? I’m not talking doing a single story on it, I’m talking making the only question you ask the McCain campaign “why are you guys lying?” The fact that McCain has chosen to outright lie, repeatedly, to the press and public, says something larger about him and his campaign. It’s very Bush-Cheney of him, very Karl Rove of him, to insist that he’s just gonna keep lying, to hell with the fact checkers. People need to call him on this. It’s not what a maverick would do. But it is what the new, cynical John McCain would do. A man who no longer seems in control of his own campaign, or worse, has finally signed off on the very style of campaigning he once railed against.

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