New McCain ad paints Palin as massive victim of sexism. says the entire ad is one big lie.

McCain needs to be shut down on this sexism crap. First off, Sarah Palin needs to be asked if it’s sexism or not. If she says it is, then she needs to explain why she belittled Hillary for crying sexism, saying that no woman candidate should claim such a thing. And if she says it’s isn’t, then the media needs to hound John McCain for the next 50-some days as to why he’s become such a huge, cynical liar. McCain is now outright lying, each day, in more and more ads, all of them bigger lies than the previous. The media knows it. They’re calling McCain on it. But now it’s the media’s duty to do the larger stories. The stories about why McCain is doing this. The stories about how McCain is no longer a maverick, and now is just another slimy, dishonorable man desperate to become president before he’s too old. And it’s Barack Obama’s job to shut McCain down, now, before these daily lies become one big Swift Boat. Because they’re heading that direction, fast.

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