McCain’s “wincing and grimacing” didn’t help him

McCain’s nasty demeanor at the campaign really came through last night. The Los Angeles Times picked up on the Republican nominee’s petulant behavior:

It was a debate, mostly civil though occasionally cranky, between a tough old man and a polished young one. McCain revealed more of himself in that arena, wincing and grimacing during the split-screen shots while Obama was speaking.

That dynamic threaded its way through the emotional highlights of the event. Time and again, McCain, who is 72 and would be the oldest man ever elected to a first term, condescended to Obama, who is 47 and one of the youngest ever to win his party’s nomination. “He doesn’t understand,” McCain said repeatedly. Discussing Obama’s willingness to engage in talks with Iran without preconditions, McCain said: “It isn’t just naive. It’s dangerous.”

Obama declined to be belittled. Although McCain refused to address him directly — despite encouragement from moderator Jim Lehrer — Obama looked at and spoke to McCain. Obama often credited McCain on issues — a grace that was not reciprocated — but he did not accept the role of junior candidate.

People saw the real John McCain. He’s not balanced. And, that’s coming through.

The dominant words used to describe the GOP nominee noww are “erratic” and “cranky.” Apt words for McCain, but not for the next president.

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