McCain caught lying in effort to smear Obama

Not quite the maverick any more, is he. From Huff Post we find that McCain is peddling another smear against Obama – and big surprise, this one’s a lie too (interestingly, this comes just one day after McCain criticized Obama for suggesting that he and the Republicans like to peddle anti-Obama smears – did you get that, they criticized Obama for criticizing THEIR smears, classic). McCain is an old hand at smears. He used to be against them, now he’s for them. Like when he keeps suggesting that Obama is unpatriotic and care about the troops – McCain seems to think an awful lot of himself when it comes to patriotism and love of country. It’s almost as if John McCain thinks he’s the only one who loves America, or he thinks he loves her way more than any one else does. I’m not sure Americans are looking to hire someone who thinks so highly of themselves that they run around judging everyone else’s patriotism all the time. It’s one thing to be a hero, and quite another to think yourself the hero.

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