McCain and Palin made time in the middle of the “crisis” for a “spritely discussion” with Sir Bono and Lady Rothschild

McCain couldn’t get a call into Obama for most of the day because he was busy meeting with royalty. Lots of royalty. He had to meet with Her Royal Highness Lady de Rothschild (she’s the one who called blue collar voters “rednecks” last week). And, McCain also had to make time today for the knighted Sir Bono (well, he’s not “officially” a sir because he’s not English, but he’s still a knight). Bono is, after all, a HUGE INTERNATIONAL celebrity and way, way more important than returning Obama’s call to talk about the economic crisis and tend to all those Americans whining about the economy.

Suspending the campaign, postponing the debate, chatting with Bono of Gallahad, meeting with beautiful $100 million Lady Rothchilds. McCain’s got his priorities, and none of them seem to involve the economic crisis or America. The report from Bono’s ONE Campaign:

The ONE Campaign and co-founder Bono spoke by telephone this afternoon with Senator John McCain, Governor Sarah Palin, and members of the McCain campaign policy staff about the issue of extreme poverty, especially in Africa. The call today was part of ongoing conversations between ONE and both the McCain and Obama presidential campaigns.

“Because of gridlock in Manhattan and in the markets, we spoke over the phone. We had a spritely discussion across a few subjects, including progress on AIDS and malaria and the use of non-military tools as part of United States foreign policy. I enjoyed it and look forward to speaking with Senators Obama and Biden shortly,” said Bono.

Yeah, well, between now and November 4th, Senators Obama and Biden shouldn’t waste their time. What if they don’t meet with him? Is Bono going to badmouth the Democratic nominee for not kissing his butt? Is he not going to vote for the Democrats? Bono is Irish (and a British Knight). He doesn’t vote in the U.S. and he should not be injecting himself into our election.

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